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There are many glitches in this game and most of them I think you'll like.

Infinite credits

The infinite Credits glitch is probably the most known glitch, and most use in online play.

  1. Start an Ad Hoc game
  2. Go to the customization menu and get whatever you want (ignoring credit limits)
  3. When you are finished getting the ultimate load out, turn the WLAN switch off
  4. Next time you play a game you will have your ultimate load out with out credit limits! (note: if you want to change your load out you have to repeat the glitch)

Rapid Fire Orbital Strike

the rapid fire orbital strike glitch is still relatively unknown to the online community, it's a great glitch but takes practice.

  1. Get an orbital strike as your secondary weapon
  2. Go to the nearest command post and stand near it.
  3. Fire your orbital strike and quickly push the up button to go to the customization menu.
  4. Once in the customization menu quickly exit by pushing the O button.
  5. As soon as your out of the customization menu, push the X button to fire and you will fire another Orbital Strike even though your haven't finished reloading!

Huge Mine/Detonator Fields

The huge mine field glitch is used rarely online but is more known that the rapid fire OS. This glitch works just like the rapid fire OS glitch

  1. (optional) Place four mines in your favorite spot
  2. Go to the customization menu and switch to detpacks.
  3. Place a detpack by the mines (if you placed them)
  4. Now to place more than one detpack at a time, go back to the customization menu and then exit without doing anything.
  5. You should have four detpacks again.
  6. Go back to the spot where you put every thing and place another detpack
  7. Repeat to make a massive mine/detpack field.
  8. To blow up the field, detonate your last detapck by pushing the Square button without going back to the customization menu, or if your put down mines, just wait for someone to walk over them.

Stand up on Speeder Bike.

This is a cool glitch that lets you stand up on speeder bikes, but it is incredibly hard, and will probably take a while before you will be able to get it to work

  1. Get a guided Rocket as your secondary weapon.
  2. Stand next to a speeder bike.
  3. Fire the guided rocket, but at the same time get on the speeder
  4. If done correctly, you should be standing up on the speeder, and your rocket should be floating beside you.

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also, if you see a person named A_Glitcher that's me.


We are sorry to tell you, but there are no cheats that have been found that actually work. Even though there are many that are on other cheats sites, they don't work.


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