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Add a map

steps to adding a map

  1. Take screen shots or download pictures of the map
  2. create your page below
  3. once the page is in editing mode, provide a description of the map (character, heroes, vehicles)
  4. save the page
  5. upload the pictures and (if add on map) upload the map by clicking on the files button at the bottom of the page
  6. once uploaded, click on the info link and it will give you the URL of the image/map
  7. add the images onto the page by the cadagorie--image-mane module
  8. add a link on the page to download the map if it's an add on
  9. now create your page below by choosing the category
  10. once you are finished adding your map, yot show up under the appropriate category on the maps page
  11. if you have questions, pleas post them below

Choose your category

New Map

This option will add a map that came wih the game such as Mustafar, or Tavin IV

New Add on Map

This option adds a map that you download and install such as Christmas in Jingle Town.

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