(Destroyer Droid): With suppresive blasters and a shield generator for protection, this unit is the ultimate infantry killer. 12 points needed battle to unlock.
Magna Guard
Effective against vehicles but also deadly in close because of their poison. 8 points needed in battle to unlock
Engineer Droid
Effective for special operations like sabotage, repairs, and support action.The repair bot of the CIS army
Assassin Droid
The assassin droid is the fastest robot in the CIS specializing in taking out clones from a distance.
Assault Droid
These unit's heavy weapons make the ideal tank hunters from afar. One hit in close and their lack of armor will result in death. Slightly better than the Heavy Trooper with the air advantage.
Super Battle Droid
An excellent all around fighter especially good against infantry.
The Super Battle Droid is an upgraded version of the battle droid. It is the weakest of the standard troopers
with poor equipment and low ammo for the rockets.
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