Super Battle Droid
Super Battle Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
An excellent all around fighter especially good against infantry.
The Super Battle Droid is an upgraded version of the battle droid. It is the weakest of the standard troopers
with poor equipment and low ammo for the rockets.
Primary: Blaster (200)
Secondary: Tri Shot (∞)
Explosives: Wrist Rocket (3)
Other None
None Fast fire rate.
High powered Wrist Rocket.
Improved Tri-shot
Slower rate of fire than before
No alternative secondary weapon
and you only have 3 rockets.
Rockets themselves are slow
Strategy/ Tips
Save your rockets for Jedi or vehicles or even huge grouped up enemies. Use your Tri-shot at a distance as it is for some reason more effective. Their wrist rocket does some descent damage to enemy infantry, so whenever you see a group of enemy infantry try to fire at their center and aim for their feet. The Wrist Rocket is also quite effective for attacking enemy manned turrets. On the other hand, the Wrist Rockets are not as strong as the thermal detonators and they are not strong enough to leave any significant damage to enemy vehicles. Each individual blaster shot they fire is stronger than the individual shots of the clone trooper's blaster, but the Super Battle Droid's rate of fire is toned down, so you should always try to make every shot count and try to aim for your enemies' head. Their alternative Tri-Shot energy blast should only be used whenever you are literally anywhere from 1-10 ft. from the enemy and can make a good transition from the Wrist Blaster to the Tri-Shot blast. If you happen to be using the Wrist Blaster first and the enemy comes close I find it effective to quickly tap the alternative weapon change button and blast him with the Tri-Shot as it is mostly effective only at close range.
Overall: 6.5/10

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