Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
The basic combat unit of the empire with less accuracy but more ammo than Rebel Soldiers. Primary: Blaster Rifle (6)
Secondary: Blaster Pistol (?)
Explosives: Thermal Detonator (4)
Other None
None Fast fire rate
Good against infantry
Weak against vehicles
Strategy/ Tips
Group Storm Troopers together with Dark Troopers in front for asaults in close quarter combat. Together they can overwhelm any enemy positions However, go easy on the grenades as the friendly fire will kill you and your team mates. Aim to the head and fire in bursts not hold it down, especially for the stormtroopers whose blasts scatter a lot if it is held down making it hard to get a hit. None None
Overall: 8/10

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