Scout Trooper
Scout Trooper
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
The sniper unit for the empire. Little armor, but deadly accuracy Primary: Sniper Rifle (35)
Secondary: Blaster Pistol (?)
Explosives: Thermal Detonator (2)
Other Auto turret (1)
None Fast movement Snipe form long range
Fast Dashers
x2 Zoom
Campers choice
2 shots kill
Not good for close combat
Weak armor
5 shots per clip and slow rate of fire
Poor close up
Ineffective on non-sniper friendly maps
Strategy/ Tips
When finding a place to snipe ensure your back is covered and the enemy won't jump you. I suggest getting groups of Storm Troopers to follow you and stay with you while you camp. None None None
Overall: 7/10

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