Magna Guard
Magna Guard
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
Effective against vehicles but also deadly in close because of their poison. 8 points needed in battle to unlock Primary: Bulldog RLR (?)
Secondary: Radiation Launcher (?)
Explosives: Neuro Poison (?)
Other Recon Droid (?)
None Bulldog homes in on the enemy
Nice amount of health
Neuro poison does major damage
Nice back up weapon
No staff like in the film
Bulldog is slow and easily dodged
Only one Neuro poison
Recon droid can be near useless sometimes
Not the fastest unit around
Strategy/ Tips
lock on to your enemy and aim it at the enemy. If you aim and the rocket goes anywhere near your opponents body (opponent has to be locked on) then the rocket will hit the head for an instant kill. None None None
Overall: 8/10

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