Engineer Droid
Engineer Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
Effective for special operations like sabotage, repairs, and support action.The repair bot of the CIS army Primary: Primary: Shotgun (?)
Secondary: Fusion Cutter (∞)
Explosives: Detpack (4)
Other Health and ammo dispenser (5)
None Excels in close range combat
Good amount of armor
Can restore own health and re-supply with ammo
Powerful close-mid range weapon
Can hack enemy vehicles as well as make turrets
Slow moving
Poor long range weapon
No alternative weapon
Strategy/ Tips
Use detpacks to destroy enemy vehicles or switch the fusion cutters to hack into it a render it useless for a couple of seconds then take out the occupants. Stay out of big scale fire fights as you'll get destroyed. The CIS have an advantage on "Polis Messa," any droid can walk can walk into the space area without dieing so use it to your
advantage and slice the enemies AAT's and take a squad to the furthest enemies CP
None None
Overall: 7/10

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