Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
(Destroyer Droid): With suppresive blasters and a shield generator for protection, this unit is the ultimate infantry killer. 12 points needed battle to unlock. Primary: Repeating Blaster
Secondary: Shield Emitter
None Almost invincible in corridors
Infinite shield uses and ammo
Fast and powerful blasters
Speedy when in ball mode
Can't be head shotted
Slow getting out of ball mode even slower moving around in out of ball mode.
Can't protect back too well as you turn slow
Blasters over heat quite quickly
Defenseless when in ball mode
Strategy/ Tips
A cleverly placed Droideka can handle its self very well indeed and will completely own most Clone troopers. Be careful when your
shield is down however as you easily killed and also be careful in your ball mode as regain your defenseless.
One shot at the shield then the shield starts to lose energy. So conserve your energy by deactivating your shield when enemies
are no where in sight.
Droidekas are good "human" shields to be mortar units behind have the droideka in front of you slowly advancing and lob grenades over it Droidika's are most vulnerable when they are deploying. Roll behind some cover, then deploy into standing mode, put on your
shield and waddle out from to face the enemy.
Overall: 9/10

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