Clone Sharpshooter
Clone Sharpshooter
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
The Clone Sharpshooter is a physically enhanced clone trooper specializing in picking off single units.
A long range threat, but not very well armored.
Primary: Sniper Rifle (35)
Secondary: Blaster Pistol (∞)
Explosives: Thermal Detonators (4)
Other Auto turret (1)
None Excellent Dashers
x2 Zoom
2 shoots can kill
Campers choice
5 shots per clip and a slow rate of fire
Poor close up with the Sniper Rifle
Ineffective on maps with nowhere good to snipe
Strategy/ Tips
The Sharpshooter should hold back at long distances preferably near ammo droids as they are constantly re-supplied with sniper rounds. Pick off Droideka's, their personal shield makes them easy to spot. Wait
for it to drop before firing a couple of rounds to eliminate these droids.
None None None
Overall: 7/10

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