Clone Commander
Clone Commander
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
A powerful unit which has defensive bonuses and heavy suppresive fire. 8 points needed in battle to unlock. The most infantry reducing clone on the battle field. Probably the best commander class unit Primary: Primary:
Secondary: Chain Gun (∞)
Explosives: Command Pistol (∞)
Other Recon Droid (1)
Damage Reduction (1) Very effective chain gun
Damage reduction
Infinite ammo with an awesome weapon
Recon droid good for recon
Rally effective in fire fights when with lots of team mates.
Weapon overheats fairly quick
Weapon doesn't fire straight away a it has to heat up
Strategy/ Tips
Get as many team mates following you as possible then when on an assault run activate rally to make your troops harder to kill. None None None
Overall: 8/10

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