Assault Droid
Assault Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
These unit's heavy weapons make the ideal tank hunters from afar. One hit in close and their lack of armor will result in death. Slightly better than the Heavy Trooper with the air advantage. Primary: Rocket Launcher (7)
Secondary: Blaster pistol (∞)
Explosives: Greanade (4)
Mines (4)
Other None
None Very high powered Weapons
High armor
Good amount of health
Effective weapon for vehicles
Mines good for traps
Not good for one man combat
Slow moving
Slow rate of fire
Limited ammo
Rocket launcher can't hack it against single units
Strategy/ Tips
Play like you would any other Heavy class unit and go for vehicles and jedi. The splash damage will hurt an enemy but the chances are they walk away from it. None None None
Overall: 7/10

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