Assassin Droid
Assassin Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
The assassin droid is the fastest robot in the CIS specializing in taking out clones from a distance. Primary: Primary: Sniper Rifle (35)
Secondary: Blaster Pistol (∞)
Explosives: Grenade (2)
Other Auto Turret (1)
None 6 shots instead of four
Good at running
Auto turret good for camping defense
No really effective close combat weapon
Sniper rifle has limited ammo
Strategy/ Tips
When playing as the Assassin Droid look to take out Clone Commanders or Jet Troopers as these will cause the rest of your troops
the most hassle. Also like all other snipers find a good vantage point to camp and activate auto turret to take out any enemy soldiers coming up from behind.
None None None
Overall: 7/10

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