Swbf2 Guide CIS


Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
(Destroyer Droid): With suppresive blasters and a shield generator for protection, this unit is the ultimate infantry killer. 12 points needed battle to unlock. Primary: Repeating Blaster
Secondary: Shield Emitter
None Almost invincible in corridors
Infinite shield uses and ammo
Fast and powerful blasters
Speedy when in ball mode
Can't be head shotted
Slow getting out of ball mode even slower moving around in out of ball mode.
Can't protect back too well as you turn slow
Blasters over heat quite quickly
Defenseless when in ball mode
Strategy/ Tips
A cleverly placed Droideka can handle its self very well indeed and will completely own most Clone troopers. Be careful when your
shield is down however as you easily killed and also be careful in your ball mode as regain your defenseless.
One shot at the shield then the shield starts to lose energy. So conserve your energy by deactivating your shield when enemies
are no where in sight.
Droidekas are good "human" shields to be mortar units behind have the droideka in front of you slowly advancing and lob grenades over it Droidika's are most vulnerable when they are deploying. Roll behind some cover, then deploy into standing mode, put on your
shield and waddle out from to face the enemy.
Overall: 9/10
Magna Guard
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
Effective against vehicles but also deadly in close because of their poison. 8 points needed in battle to unlock Primary: Bulldog RLR (?)
Secondary: Radiation Launcher (?)
Explosives: Neuro Poison (?)
Other Recon Droid (?)
None Bulldog homes in on the enemy
Nice amount of health
Neuro poison does major damage
Nice back up weapon
No staff like in the film
Bulldog is slow and easily dodged
Only one Neuro poison
Recon droid can be near useless sometimes
Not the fastest unit around
Strategy/ Tips
lock on to your enemy and aim it at the enemy. If you aim and the rocket goes anywhere near your opponents body (opponent has to be locked on) then the rocket will hit the head for an instant kill. None None None
Overall: 8/10
Engineer Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
Effective for special operations like sabotage, repairs, and support action.The repair bot of the CIS army Primary: Primary: Shotgun (?)
Secondary: Fusion Cutter (∞)
Explosives: Detpack (4)
Other Health and ammo dispenser (5)
None Excels in close range combat
Good amount of armor
Can restore own health and re-supply with ammo
Powerful close-mid range weapon
Can hack enemy vehicles as well as make turrets
Slow moving
Poor long range weapon
No alternative weapon
Strategy/ Tips
Use detpacks to destroy enemy vehicles or switch the fusion cutters to hack into it a render it useless for a couple of seconds then take out the occupants. Stay out of big scale fire fights as you'll get destroyed. The CIS have an advantage on "Polis Messa," any droid can walk can walk into the space area without dieing so use it to your
advantage and slice the enemies AAT's and take a squad to the furthest enemies CP
None None
Overall: 7/10
Assassin Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
The assassin droid is the fastest robot in the CIS specializing in taking out clones from a distance. Primary: Primary: Sniper Rifle (35)
Secondary: Blaster Pistol (∞)
Explosives: Grenade (2)
Other Auto Turret (1)
None 6 shots instead of four
Good at running
Auto turret good for camping defense
No really effective close combat weapon
Sniper rifle has limited ammo
Strategy/ Tips
When playing as the Assassin Droid look to take out Clone Commanders or Jet Troopers as these will cause the rest of your troops
the most hassle. Also like all other snipers find a good vantage point to camp and activate auto turret to take out any enemy soldiers coming up from behind.
None None None
Overall: 7/10
Assault Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
These unit's heavy weapons make the ideal tank hunters from afar. One hit in close and their lack of armor will result in death. Slightly better than the Heavy Trooper with the air advantage. Primary: Rocket Launcher (7)
Secondary: Blaster pistol (∞)
Explosives: Greanade (4)
Mines (4)
Other None
None Very high powered Weapons
High armor
Good amount of health
Effective weapon for vehicles
Mines good for traps
Not good for one man combat
Slow moving
Slow rate of fire
Limited ammo
Rocket launcher can't hack it against single units
Strategy/ Tips
Play like you would any other Heavy class unit and go for vehicles and jedi. The splash damage will hurt an enemy but the chances are they walk away from it. None None None
Overall: 7/10
Super Battle Droid
Description: Weapons Abilities Pros Cons
An excellent all around fighter especially good against infantry.
The Super Battle Droid is an upgraded version of the battle droid. It is the weakest of the standard troopers
with poor equipment and low ammo for the rockets.
Primary: Blaster (200)
Secondary: Tri Shot (∞)
Explosives: Wrist Rocket (3)
Other None
None Fast fire rate.
High powered Wrist Rocket.
Improved Tri-shot
Slower rate of fire than before
No alternative secondary weapon
and you only have 3 rockets.
Rockets themselves are slow
Strategy/ Tips
Save your rockets for Jedi or vehicles or even huge grouped up enemies. Use your Tri-shot at a distance as it is for some reason more effective. Their wrist rocket does some descent damage to enemy infantry, so whenever you see a group of enemy infantry try to fire at their center and aim for their feet. The Wrist Rocket is also quite effective for attacking enemy manned turrets. On the other hand, the Wrist Rockets are not as strong as the thermal detonators and they are not strong enough to leave any significant damage to enemy vehicles. Each individual blaster shot they fire is stronger than the individual shots of the clone trooper's blaster, but the Super Battle Droid's rate of fire is toned down, so you should always try to make every shot count and try to aim for your enemies' head. Their alternative Tri-Shot energy blast should only be used whenever you are literally anywhere from 1-10 ft. from the enemy and can make a good transition from the Wrist Blaster to the Tri-Shot blast. If you happen to be using the Wrist Blaster first and the enemy comes close I find it effective to quickly tap the alternative weapon change button and blast him with the Tri-Shot as it is mostly effective only at close range.
Overall: 6.5/10
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