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Welcome to Battle Ground, the primary database for Star Wars Battlefront, Socom, and Combat arms. Here you will find hacks, cheats, gliches, hints, screen shots, characters, a community forum, and much more. Here you will also find the home of the MAC, BTG and the Blue-Alert clans. Please help us out by become a member or just enjoy your stay.

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rhombus prhombus p and MAC_JakeMAC_Jake and the very special leader of Blue-Alert Gaming blue-alertblue-alert

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Well, first off if you haven't yet become a member, click on the join button below. once you become a member introduce your self on the forum. the just start browsing the website. if you have a question, just post it on the forum.
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  • Elite squadron now added!
  • Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 to be released for psp? find out soon!
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hello all
(by marobaro 29 Dec 2011 10:32, posts: 1)
as of tomorrow, this download has been patched for over a year, so i will remove it, but im...
(by rhombus p 05 Mar 2010 13:39, posts: 4)
One of our users reported that this file contains malware software. Please check this file.
(by Squark 05 Mar 2010 12:31, posts: 4)
UPDATE: OHG is now back up and running
(by rhombus p 09 Nov 2009 01:14, posts: 2)
last week, people on tho ohg forums started noticing odd activity. (accounts being logged) and...
(by rhombus p 08 Nov 2009 14:47, posts: 2)
Oct 21 The site is in need of active members!
Apr 02 Jonathan Foster is now a Admin!
Mar 16 Site-Map created (upper right) but there are no items yet! add your own items that you want linked to here.
Mar 03 the Blue-Alert clans home site is now Battleground!
Jan 8 chat box is created

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