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May 24 Learn details about the new star wars game for PSP and DS Here!
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Mar 16 Site-Map created (upper right) but there are no items yet! add your own items that you want linked to here.
Mar 14 The Blue Alert clan is now up and running ! we play combat arms europe ^^
Mar 07

To ensure a smooth Daylight Savings transition, Nexon America will be undergoing network maintenance on Sunday, March 8th, 2009. This will affect all game services including Combat Arms. Game servers will be brought down at 12:00am PST. The maintenance will last approximately 4.5 hours.

Combat Arms Maintenance Details:
— Servers: All Game Servers
— Time: Sunday, March 8th, 12:00am PST ~ 5:30am PDT

Mar 03 the Blue-Alert clans home site is now Battleground!
Feb 24

Combat Arms is going through an unscheduled server maintenance on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 7:00pm PST to resolve a database issue. All systems should be back to normal at 9:00pm.

This server maintenance will last for approximately 2 hours.

Combat Arms Server Maintenance Details:

  • Servers: All Game Servers
  • Time: Tuesday, February 24th, 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm PST
Feb 4

due to a critical bug found in the patch scudeuled for 12 o'clock today, the patch has been rescheduled for 9:30am-2:30am

the patch will last about 5 hours.

Jan 31 new hack added
Jan 30

For all of our players who use or would like to use PayPal to charge their accounts for NX, lease note that the PayPal live site will undergo scheduled maintenance on Thursday, January 29th, between 11:00pm-11:30pm, PST.

Players will not be able to send or receive payments through their PayPal accounts at this time. Buyers will receive the following error when attempting to initiate a payment:

10002, Internal Error, Authentication/Authorization Failed

If you receive this message, please try your NX charge transaction at another time. Thank you.

Jan 30

The second content patch originally scheduled for January has been delayed for a week due to the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea.

Combat Arms will be going through a content patch on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 beginning at 9:30am PST.

This involves all game servers and will last for approximately 4 hours.

Combat Arms Maintenance Details:

  • Servers: All Game Servers
  • Time: Wednesday, February 4th, 9:30am ~ 1:30pm PST

- Combat Arms Command -

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Jan 7 first Poll created (see side bar)
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Dec 21 Patch v1.3(beta) is released for Star Wars Battlefront II
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Dec 21 Site obtains its first logo!
Dec 20 site created!
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