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marobaromarobaro 29 Dec 2011 10:32
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hello all

hello by marobaromarobaro, 29 Dec 2011 10:32
rhombus prhombus p 05 Mar 2010 13:39
in discussion Site / Per page discussions » Sample Vip

as of tomorrow, this download has been patched for over a year, so i will remove it, but im pretty sure its just a false positive.

by rhombus prhombus p, 05 Mar 2010 13:39
SquarkSquark 05 Mar 2010 12:31
in discussion Site / Per page discussions » Sample Vip

One of our users reported that this file contains malware software. Please check this file.

by SquarkSquark, 05 Mar 2010 12:31

UPDATE: OHG is now back up and running


last week, people on tho ohg forums started noticing odd activity. (accounts being logged) and even on one occasion, someone made a forum post under someone elses name and posted a link to a virus. once he noticed this, the site staff member Vosman (the one whos account was hacked) and notified the admins of the problem. less that 12 hours after this post, OHG go hacked. if you went to the site during the time you would just get this message "Hacked by Boxhead <3 You!" and i nice little graphic that i cant find at the moment


new MPHCA hack!!

hack includes:

  • Speed Hacks
  • Wall Hacks
  • Ghost Mode

download here

Combat arms hacks!!! by rhombus prhombus p, 19 Sep 2009 17:16
BTG Coder
rhombus prhombus p 13 Sep 2009 00:44
in discussion Games / Combat Arms » BTG Coder

Great news everyone! we now have a Combat arms Coder!

BTG Coder by rhombus prhombus p, 13 Sep 2009 00:44
hack combat arms
kakasedfkakasedf 01 Jul 2009 04:23
in discussion Games / Combat Arms » hack combat arms

pls pls pls I wint hack combat arms

hack combat arms by kakasedfkakasedf, 01 Jul 2009 04:23

okay everyone, heres all oby1's new codes!!!

heres from oby

Hey to everybody,

I think its the right time to post.I said I would do it Sunday, so I'm going to release all the news swbrs hacks I found in the past weeks.This thread will includes codes, hacks methods, but also a message about the problems I had with this bunch of hacks .
What does it contain :

- Carbonite gun permanent freeze.
- Flash Jetpack and others jetpack codes
- News hackers killers codes
- Map checker (Proof Of Concept)
- "Press UP to change equipement menu" is always ON.
- A few Hack Methods
- Player shoots automatically

Now, let's start !


This codes makes you able to freezes others players forever with the carbonite gun.
This one also has true carbonite gun rapid fire, I thought it would be great.

#Hacker Elite Carbonite
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
;CG freezes forever included
0x007E43F8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x007F48D0 0x7F800000

As its an important code, I chose to also make an universal format :

#Carbonite Gun Freeze Forever
;Size pointer by Black Wolf
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0044B274
0x0024447C 0x7F800000

Thanks to Black wolf for his star wars renegade squadron size pointer of course .
Now here is a jetpack pack of codes.0042xxxx adresses always read during the whole map, you think its weird hmm ?
This code can be enabled when you want .

#Elite Jetpack
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
;Flash Jetpack
;Big Jetpack Fire
;Fixed Jetpack
0x0042A794 0x00000000
0x0042A7AC 0x41200000
0x0042A790 0x42200000
0x0042A7B8 0x42200000

The first adress makes that your jetpack moves automatically, very embarassing when you are capturing a command post.
The second adress contains the size of your jetpack fire.
And the two last adresses contain the speed of your jetpack (First one : X and Z / Horizontal, Second one : Y/Vertical )

Theses are the last hackers killers codes I found !
After a test, I saw that all the weapons which kill the victim by an explosion didn't work online, so I decided to only release the One-Hit-Kill hacks that worked online.

#Hacker Killer Blaster Rifle
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F9FC4 0x7F800000
0x007F9FD0 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Carbonite gun
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F3DFC 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Shotgun
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007FA078 0x7F800000
0x007FA084 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Sniper
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F33BC 0x7F800000
0x007F33C8 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Chaingun
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007FAE48 0x7F800000
0x007FAE64 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Bowcaster
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007FA030 0x7F800000
0x007FA03C 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer EMP Launcher
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F380C 0x7F800000
0x007F3818 0x7F800000

#Hacker Killer Explosive Blaster
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F9534 0x7F800000
0x007F9528 0x7F800000

AFTER EDIT : Because of the credits problems i'm currently having, I prefer post the others hackers killers (explosion weapons) even if they may not work online :

#Hacker Killer Rocket Launcher
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F255C 0x6B000000
0x007F2514 0x7F800000

#!!Hacker Killer Grenade Launcher
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F4258 0x7F800000
0x007F4264 0x7F800000

#!!Hacker Killer Orbital Strike
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F4384 0x7F800000
0x007F4390 0x7F800000

#!!Hacker Killer Wrist Rockets
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x007F42F4 0x7F800000
0x007F4300 0x7F800000

Have fun !
Let's go for change equipement stuff.
At the begining I tried to fix the code by using pointers, offsets, and all the dma system.I was able to fix the code, but I didn't have the time to create a subroutine, so I put it into a MIPS modding code.I still post the dma shema :

Menu adress = [[[[[[ 00430CB4 ] + DMO ] + 4 ] + 4 ] + 0 ] + 1B8 ]
Menu adress = [[[[[[[ 00430B4C ] + DMO ] + 4 ] + 4 ] + 4 ] + 0 ] + 1B8 ]

You can also use the pointer 0042A6C8, but the level can be dynamic, and the dmo is strange and higher than the one used
for the two pointers showed above.If you want to know the DMO, just use the magic formula given by vosman, once again thanks man.Here is the code into a MIPS modding adress :

#Change equipement menu always ON
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x001A65E8 0x00000000
0x001A6614 0x00000000

It may only works offline, as its contained into an exclusive area.Enable it once you are spawned near a command post.
While we are speaking about MIPS, i'm also going to post two amazing codes :

#Auto Shoot Primary weapon
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x0019449C 0x00000000

#Auto shoot Secondary weapon
;All Credits to Oby1Chick
0x00194520 0x00000000

Use theses MIPS codes carefully, don't enable them in ready mode, don't mess up with them and it will be okay.
Now, I share with you a map checker, I mean the concept of a subroutine that chekcs in which map you are.
Its only for coders for the moment.


Boz pity : [ 186AX ] - TB-TT = 30D47 (+ Map checker)
Endor : [ 1883X ]
Geonosis : [ 186CX ]
Hoth : [ 187DX - 187FX ] - TB-TT = 30D47 (+ Map Checker)
Echo base : [ 1872X ] - 186AX (+Map Checker)
Kashyyk : [ 186AX (+Map Checker)]
Korriban : [ 1880X ] - [186AX (+Map Checker)]
Mustafar : [ 1873X ]
Mygeeto : [ 1897X ]
Naboo : [ 188EX ]
Ord Mantell : [ 186AX (+Map Checker) ] - [ 1881X ]
Saleucami : [ 1889X ]
Sullust : [ 186AX (+Map Checker) ] - [ 186BX ]
Tatoinne : [ 1871X ] - [ 18AAX ]
Yavin 4 : [ 187FX ] - [ 18CCX ]

I wrote the values that contain the adresses for each map, with some X because it can be different with the commands posts.
Map Checker Adress (When there is swrote + Map checker) : A SMA adress situated in the DMA adresses tell you the map in lowers letters like this example : "endor".Find it in text search in each map, and the problem is resolved, and this system will works.


This section will includes some hacks methods !
Quick tips :

Unfreeze your rank —> Remove everything from psp internet browser (Cookies especially)
Change if account if possible
Reload the game and the gamesave
Play a map without any codes (Good idea valentin, it may works)
Corrupt your psid in nightpr PRX often during a little time
Change your connection (I mean re-create it with an other name and etc)

True Infinite Sheild —> Use negative heath and a shield with my code "Infinite shield", you will have a true infinite shield.If you don't want others players to see your shield, just enable my always invisible code, the shield will also becomes invisible.

Rank up —> Tips already given in my SWBRS guide, check it.

Have fun with hacks for newbies —> SWBRS test area starts at 0052BC00, go there by browser if you want to have fun.
002d/002e/002f areas include the general caracteristics of the game.
007d/007e/007F areas include the weapons caracteristics.
After 00F00000, adresses are often dmas.

You can hack the rank (Only virtual) in 017x and 00Ex areas, search some ranks namesor points in ASCII to find the adresses and have fun with them.

oby1chick new codes!! by rhombus prhombus p, 26 May 2009 23:39

wow! im already in the top 400 in the online standings!!!

Re: SWBFRS hacks! finally! by rhombus prhombus p, 17 May 2009 14:25
Re: signature
 brt93yoda brt93yoda 13 May 2009 16:47
in discussion MISC. / Open Topic » signature

No its fine. I like this one alot. Thanks again.

Re: signature by  brt93yoda brt93yoda, 13 May 2009 16:47

The only glitches I know of are on Roblox and on GameCube Games, lol >.< Mainly just Metroid Prime 2 on the GameCube

thanks to the new chicken HEN exploit, and Hellcats Flash recoverer, i now have and am enjoying CFW, Hacks, and Homebrew!

SWBFRS hacks! finally! by rhombus prhombus p, 13 May 2009 00:58
Re: signature
rhombus prhombus p 13 May 2009 00:32
in discussion MISC. / Open Topic » signature

your welcome ;D do you still want the text glowing green?

Re: signature by rhombus prhombus p, 13 May 2009 00:32
 brt93yoda brt93yoda 11 May 2009 01:21
in discussion MISC. / Open Topic » signature

Wow, the signature that you made me, looks really cool on this forum. Thanks Rhombus

signature by  brt93yoda brt93yoda, 11 May 2009 01:21
Re: Re: Yo
Teh_Crimson_KingTeh_Crimson_King 10 May 2009 01:30
in discussion Members / Introduce Yourself » Yo

coolz, I hope I can get on often enough to help you ^.^
I am currently working on making a maze game and I am pretty much on my own since the people on the BLender Forum I am a member of are not really responding all that often… I'll check in with them and get back to you

Re: Re: Yo by Teh_Crimson_KingTeh_Crimson_King, 10 May 2009 01:30
Re: Re: Hack
Teh_Crimson_KingTeh_Crimson_King 10 May 2009 01:24
in discussion Games / Combat Arms » Hack

Or maybe he was working on a "side project" and he got caught /:?
Anyway, the only code I am any good at is on a calculator and another I'm OK at is on a video game that you all [probably] don't play. Other than TI-83 BASIC I can't help you, sorry

Re: Re: Hack by Teh_Crimson_KingTeh_Crimson_King, 10 May 2009 01:24
rhombus prhombus p 06 May 2009 20:25
in discussion MISC. / Other sites » TGS

this is for you hackers out there that have been patiently waiting for TGS to come back up and start releasing hacks again. in a recent announcement by the TGS, the reason they have been down so long is their Pay Pal account got banned, so they lost all there VIP hack money so they could no longer pay to host the site, forcing them to go down.

some other bad news from TGS, there no longer going to code hacks for ANY NEXTON games, including Combat Arms!

TGS by rhombus prhombus p, 06 May 2009 20:25
Re: Yo
rhombus prhombus p 06 May 2009 20:17
in discussion Members / Introduce Yourself » Yo

oh you have blender? me to, although i could never figure out how to get it to work. maybe you could help me?

I am getting back into Graphics Design, both 3-D and 2-D (Blender and GIMP) and hope I can contribute to this site in that way since I am not necessarily supposed to play games where you shoot other people…

i'm into graphic design to, and would love to have companion ;)

Re: Yo by rhombus prhombus p, 06 May 2009 20:17

I notice that there is a gramatical error on the join this site this site page. The page says "from the admin", but there are two admins listed. I'm probably just being too picky, but since I can't change the page myself, I just thought that I would give you guys a heads up.

Re: Improving the Wiki by  brt93yoda brt93yoda, 06 May 2009 04:54
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