Tgs 3.1.2


*Cham Skins
*Custom Cham Colors
*Crosshair Hack
*Nametag Hack
*No Fog
*No Recoil
*Speed Hack «« New

How To Install & Use THiSGaMeSuX Combat Arms Public Edition:

Step 1) Download both D3D9 module versions from the following link and save them to your desktop,

Step 2) After both your files have finished downloading, navigate to your desktop and open both files with WinRAR (required, remember?) Click the "Extract To" button inside WinRAR, and extract both D3D9 files into your Combat Arms folder, for example C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\.

Step 3) Now you are ready to download the hack itself, download it by clicking here and save it to your desktop as well. After it has finished, continue to step four.

Step 4) Navigate to your desktop once again and open the file named "tgs_pub_3.0.9.rar" with WinRAR. Double-click on the "tgs_pub_3.0.9" folder inside the WinRAR archive, highlight all the files that appear by selecting them with your mouse then click the "Extract To" button inside WinRAR and extract all files into your Combat Arms "mss" folder, for example C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\mss\. * It is important that the folder named "tgs_pub_3.0.9" is not put into your CA folder anywhere, ONLY the files themselves.

Step 5) Right click on the .flt file named "tgspub.flt" and rename it to anything else besides what it is currently named. HackShield has been known to scan for strings before, this is a precautionary measure.

Step 6) Edit any hack settings using (login info is no longer required) Notepad or WordPad before you enter the game. You should no longer use the old "tgs_pub_iniedit.exe" file to edit your settings as it can cause future detections. You can also change your hack settings while in-game via the menu system, go to the next step for information on how to use the in-game menu system.

Step 7) Press the INSERT key on your keyboard to open the menu, use the UP and DOWN arrows keys to navigate the menu items and LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to toggle settings off and on. Press INSERT again to close the menu.

Step 8) NOW, there is a menu item with no numbers called "[*] Save Hack Settings", PRESS DELETE KEY TO SAVE THE SETTINGS THE WAY THEY ARE SO YOU DON'T NEED TO MESS WITH THEM AGAIN LATER!

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