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NOW UPDATED as of march 9th

Here is a new hack thats undetected. Instructions: Put this in your combat arms folder, Double click Teamspeak.exe and start combat arms. Press insert to open menu, use arrows to activate/deactivate hacks. if u run vista, be sure to hit run as admin.
- User Chams (Enable Chams on/off)
- Chams Color1 (Different Chams Colors (6 colors))
- Chams Color2 (Different Chams Colors (6 colors))
- Crosshair (Displays a Crosshair "Red / White")
- WallHack (See Enemy through wall)
- FullBright (Light Up Players)
- NoFog (well lol no fog..)
- WireFrame
- WhiteWalls (Color the Walls « buggy :S)

- IncJumpHeigh (Increases your Jump Height a little)
- Speedhack (You can choose between 6 speeds)
- DrawGun (Hide your weapon and hand -> you only see the crosshair)
- Musik (It just turn off the Combat Arms Musik)
- Sound (It Just turn off the Combat Arms Sound)
- Virtual Jump (This is a really nice hack in my opinion, go in a corner, turn it on and press 'CONTROL'
Your body will stay on the ground but your view is in the air.. you can shoot and throw nades!
(Look at the Screen if you dont understand)
Too turn it off, disable the Hack and press 'CONTROL' again
- Windowed (Play the game in Windowed-Mode, Crosshair wont work in this mode)
- NoSpread (No Weapon-Spread)

- Move Menu (Move the Menu)
- Show Time (Displays Time)
- Show FPS (Displays your Frame Per Secound Rate)
- Show Resolution (Displays your game resolution)
- Save Settings (Saves the Menu Settings and Load it on the next HackStart
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open shortcut on desktop.
Press teamspeak
Press Combat arms.

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